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Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger, Healthier Running Danny Abshire, with Brian Metzler

Paperback (Trade paperback US) | Jan 2011 | Velo Press | 9781934030653 | 224pp | 232x153mm | GEN | AUD$34.99, NZD$39.99


Natural Running teaches runners how to run with barefoot technique while keeping their shoes on. The book draws on new research and barefoot running technique to teach a natural gait and foot strike that promote greater speed, higher efficiency, reduced impact, and fewer injuries.

By learning to run the barefoot way, while wearing shoes, runners will become more efficient, stronger, and healthier runners. Backed by studies at MIT and Harvard, this title presents the natural running technique, form drills, and an 8-week transition plan that can put runners on the path to faster, more efficient, and healthier running.