HEAT Series 3 Number 7
Edited by Alexandra Christie

Paperback | Feb 2023 | Giramondo Publishing | 96pp | 210x148mm | GEN

First published in 1996, HEAT is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing essays, stories, and poetry by Australian and overseas writers of the highest quality. HEAT’s third series (2022–) is edited by Alexandra Christie and designed by award-winning designer Jenny Grigg. Contributors to the series thus far include Mireille Juchau, Helen Oyeyemi, Samuel Wagan Watson, Kenneth Chong, Kate Crowcroft, Iman Mersal, David Hayden, Amy Leach, Cristina Rivera Garza, Josephine Rowe, Michael Farrell, Ren Arcamone, Ella Jeffery, Pip Adam, Yanni Florence, Jarad Bruinstroop, Clare Murphey, Aniela Rodríguez, Luke Beesley, Brian Castro, Luke Carman, Sarah Holland-Batt, Ella Skilbeck-Porter, Katharina Volckmer, and Madeleine Watts.

Recent praise for HEAT:

‘So slender and elegant, nothing wasted, nothing grandiose — and beautiful work.’ — Helen Garner

‘HEAT magazine was a trailblazer from the day it was launched…[The new series is] still dedicated to publishing non-Anglophone views of the world, alternatives to the mainstream and points of view that are both thought-provoking and expressed in high literary style.’ — Openbook, NSW State Library Magazine

‘A very beautiful and stylish object…long may this new series of HEAT continue!' — Sarah Holland-Batt

‘I welcome the return of HEAT. Readers and writers alike will revel in its daring audacity, bold exploration and innovative celebration of literature.’ — Alexis Wright