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Misadventures in Blue Sierra Simone


Misadventures in Blue
Sierra Simone

Senior Detective Cat Day has one hard and fast rule about dating: no cops. They live hard and die young — a truth she’s faced every day since her fiancé’s tragic death several years ago. But when rookie Jace Sutton shows up to work the same burglary investigation, she feels desire she hasn’t felt in years.

Jace knows what he wants the minute Detective Day strolls onto his crime scene. He wants to thaw the legendary Ice Queen, and it only takes one hot, dirty night for Jace to realise he wants more. Much, much more.

But more is the last thing Cat wants from any cop — especially a playboy rookie like Jace. As the burglary investigation heats up and he repeatedly puts himself in danger, Cat must ask herself if Jace will be as reckless with her heart as he is with his life.