July 2020 Academic & Specialist Sourcebooks

Collaboration, Coteaching, and Coaching in Gifted Education: Sharing Strategies to Support Gifted Learners Emily Mofield, Vicki Phelps

This must-have resource provides gifted education teachers, specialists, and coordinators with methods and strategies for successful coplanning, coteaching, coaching, and collaboration with a variety of school professionals and outside agencies. 

At the classroom level, collaboration enables effective management of differentiation and increases educators' understanding of gifted students' needs. As part of a program of services, effective collaboration can serve as a vehicle for professional learning through a focus on shared responsibility and reflection. Collaboration, Coteaching, and Coaching in Gifted Education provides the tools and "how-to" steps for facilitating and maintaining collaborative work in order to challenge and support gifted students all day, every day. The book includes considerations for working with special populations, including twice-exceptional students, underachievers, and culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse learners, as well as meeting students' social-emotional needs, collaborating with families and communities, and advocating for gifted education.