Virtual Reality Methods: A Guide for Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities, First Edition
Phil Jones, Tess Osborne, other adaptation by Calla Sullivan-Drage, Natasha Keen, Eleanor Gadsby

Hardback | Jun 2022 | Policy Press | 9781447360759 | 112pp | 198x129mm | RFB | AUD$110.00, NZD$125.00

Since the mid-2010s, virtual reality (VR) technology has advanced rapidly. This book explores the many opportunities that VR can offer for humanities and social sciences researchers.

The book provides a user-friendly, non-technical methods guide to using ready-made VR content and 360° video as well as creating custom materials. It examines the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to using VR, providing helpful, real-world examples of how researchers have used the technology. The insights drawn from this analysis will inspire scholars to explore the possibilities of using VR in their own research projects.