Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book

The Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book: Stupefying Shenanigans for Slytherin
Brian Boone, illustrated by Amanda Brack

Paperback | Oct 2018 | Sky Pony Press | 9781510737686 | 176pp | 178x127mm | GEN | AUD$14.99, NZD$18.99

Age range 9+

Tickle Charms and Laughing Potions, meet your match! In the next edition of The Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book, you'll find jokes like:

Which Hogwarts professor gets blamed for everything?
Professor Snape Goat

What's Professor Lupin's favorite day of the week?

Why did Gilderoy Lockhart team up with Nearly Headless Nick?
He needed a ghostwriter

Did you hear that Professor McGonagall's animagi and Crookshanks get together and gossip about students?
They're very catty

Prepare to be spellbound by hours of laughter!