She Died a Lady: A Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery
Carter Dickson

Paperback | Sep 2019 | Polygon | 9781846974939 | 240pp | 198x129mm | RFB | AUD$19.99, NZD$24.99

Rita Wainwright’s love affair with Barry Sullivan is flamboyant enough to deserve a dramatic ending, so that when the pair of them vanish over a cliff one rainy night, leaving a farewell note for Rita’s husband, no one doubts for a moment that it is a case of suicide – except for Doctor Luke, one of the few people who genuinely liked her. 

Sir Henry Merrivale – the fabulous ‘H.M.’ — is staying in the area, having his portrait painted as a Roman senator. Although confined to a bath-chair with an injured toe, this does not stop him getting about —occasionally in toga and laurels — and solving what is too much for the sharp-eyed doctor.