Assassin's Creed: The Fall & The Chain
Karl Kerschl

Paperback | Nov 2019 | Titan Publishing Group | 9781787731509 | 208pp | 254x178mm | GEN | AUD$37.99, NZD$47.99

Witness the rise and fall of anew Assassin in Russia in this collection of Assassin's Creed The Fall and Assassin's Creed the Chain. 

Since the dawn of human civilisation, the Brotherhood of Assassins has waged a secret war against the Templar Knights, both sides struggling to guide mankind's future by their own contrasting codes. Throughout generations, the balance of power has shifted back and forth between freedom and control as members of each order continue their ancestor's work.

Daniel Cross has vivid hallucinations of a paste life; that of Nicolai Orelov, a Russian Assassin living in the early 20th century, and his son Innokenti. The Fall and The Chain tells the story of Daniel's rise and fall through the ranks of the Assassin Brotherhood, and his subsequent rise through the ranks of the Templars.