Anisa's Alphabet

Mike Dumbleton, illustrated by Hannah Sommerville

For many refugees the alphabet represents the start of a new language and a new future, but Anisa's Alphabet is different. A poignant and highly imaginative telling of one girl's story which will appeal to children and adults alike…Come with ...

MidnightSun Publishing
9781925227574, Hardback, AUD$29.99

Brother Moon

Maree McCarthy Yoelu, illustrated by Samantha Fry
Magabala Books
9781925936827, Hardback, AUD$24.99

My Possum Plays the Drums

Catherine Meatheringham, illustrated by Max Hamilton
Windy Hollow Books
9781922081841, Paperback, AUD$16.95
9781922081834, Hardback, AUD$25.99