Hollow Earth

John Kinsella

Fascinated by caves and digging holes since childhood, Manfred discovers a path through to another realm via a Neolithic copper mine at Mount Gabriel in Schull, Ireland. The world of Hollow Earth, while no Utopia, is a sophisticated civilisation. Its ...

Transit Lounge
9781925760279, Paperback, AUD$29.99

Ivy Bird

Tania McCartney, illustrated by Jess Racklyeft
Windy Hollow Books
9781922081797, Hardback, AUD$25.99

Under the Same Sky

Robert Vescio, illustrated by Ms Nicky Johnston
New Frontier
9781922326041, Paperback, AUD$14.99
9781925594676, Hardback, AUD$24.99

Story Time Stars

Stephanie Owen Reeder
National Library of Australia
9780642279408, Hardback, AUD$9.99