Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs: A frank, up-to-date guide by experts

Jane McAdam, Fiona Chong

Everyone has the right to seek asylum under international law. However, successive governments in Australia have declared the need to ‘stop the boats’ whatever the cost, be it human, economic, moral or legal.In this new book, Jane McAdam and ...

UNSW Press
9781742236520, Paperback, AUD$29.99


Dimity Powell, illustrated by Andrew Plant
Ford Street Publishing
9781925804270, Paperback, AUD$16.95
9781925804263, Hardback (Picture book), AUD$24.95


Richard Rossiter
UWA Publishing
9781760800376, Paperback, AUD$24.99

Fabulous Lives

Bindy Pritchard
Margaret River Press
9780648485049, Paperback, AUD$27.00